Products Overview

February 1, 2009


We are able to sell almost any product consumed in Brazil.

Masterbatch & Compounds  / Machinery and equipment

Consumed in Brazil

Brazilian products and services are varied, and we help you take advantage of this diversity. Our knowledge of the Brazilian market gives us the flexibility to source a very wide range of products and services. We are particularly experienced in selling and dealing with goods, such as:

Special Products, coming of its brand in China with quality products to Brazilian buyers and that is not easily found elsewhere.

Custom-made, products according to the specifications of our customers developed especially for the Brazilian market.

Examples of Products


Masterbatch :

White, black, colored, colorful particular and additive  of  plastic bags, domestic utensils, buckets and bottles, films for automatic packaging, plastic canvas, wire and cable and non-woven raffia.


Compounds engineering:

PP, PE, ABS and Polycarbonate, modified with mineral filler,  elastomeric, glass fiber, glass microspheres, mica etc …, application in the automotive industry, white line, garden furniture and electric-electronics.





Machinery and equipment for plastic processing industry and recycling

We provide a wide range of equipment for processing industry plastic directly to Brazilian buyers, such as extruder, blowers, injection, guns, cutting solders, trimming, mills, silos, dryers, etc. .., as well as selling complete plants for special projects.

We sell machinery and equipment directly to reputable purchasers with whom we have established reliable business relationships.
This ensures a maximum level of sales with safety, reliability and more competitive prices.

We are not only selling masterbatch & compounds, machines and equipment , but are available around the clock for our clients by supporting their business activities in Brazil.