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Effective Trading in Brazil: what you can expect from us

LD Johnson International is a company expert in selling highly profitable assets in Brazil. We represent your interest to Brazilian buyers. Our services cover the entire sales process: evaluation of products, test market, launching products, pre-marketing, market analysis and price, appointment of distributors and agents, customs clearance, logistic strategies, processes of documents from the government and after-sales technical assistance, thus building a bridge between your company and the Brazilian buyers. A highly efficient team ensures better sales, consistent and high profitability for each order. We are your personal public office in Brazil

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Exports to Brazil: Your Advantage

Our sales service is highly effective in terms of prices to ensure that you receive a maximum of profit margin for its product. We do not sell at the lowest price for that, simply sell the highest possible price for each buyer, no single price work in Brazil.
We trust you to make sales and sign their highly profitable brand in Brazil and thus offer our service on the basis of success


Export to Brazil : Additional Services

Process monitoring and analysis of market, competition and development of new products in Brazil to expand its sales in Brazil, successful projects.
Management of conflicts with their Brazilian buyers: If there are any problems with their buyers, our Brazilian team is there to resolve them. Common misconceptions, taking into account cultural differences can easily be avoided because it is able to address conflicts in an active manner.

We are able to sell almost all products consumed in Brazil


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